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What is Lot Tracking and Traceability

Posted by : on May 16,2023 05:34 PM
What is Lot Tracking and Traceability

In the realm of process manufacturing, maintaining accountability at every stage of the supply chain is crucial. To achieve this, lot tracking and traceability have emerged as key steps to foster transparency and accountability throughout the entire process.

What is Lot Tracking and Traceability?

Lot traceability involves recording and reporting on all raw materials and finished goods received, consumed in production, and shipped out. With lot tracking and traceability, companies can keep track of all items, including co-products and by-products. Each item is assigned a unique lot number which is validated at every step of the manufacturing process, making it easy to search for any item quickly.

Why Use an ERP System for Lot Tracking and Traceability?

An ERP software provides various lot tracking and traceability features, some of which are:  

  • Automatic quality control that provides flag irregularities in the process or distribution  
  • Manufacture and expiration date tracking  
  • Supplier tracking for inputs to be tracked back to their origins  
  • Distribution tracking for each batch goes after production  
  • Formula, BOM, process tracking tools like modification logs  
  • Integration with lot management hardware systems like barcode scanners

Benefits of ERP System for Lot Tracking and Traceability

The right ERP software provides effective lot tracking that automates and streamlines the entire processes. It provides the following benefits:  

  • Ensure Fast, Effective, and Accurate Recalls  

With robust lot tracking software, you can approach a fast, effective, and accurate recall. It collects each ‘Lot’ into an identifiable unit, along with a unique ID number. It makes it easier to quickly identify every defective product within the batch, retrieve the stock and review or replace the batches that have been distributed.  

  • Easier Product Recalls  

It is to track that specific lot tracking and traceability in which a company faces the situation of delivering doubtful products. With the lot number and location of the defective lot, it is easier to recall without calling back every one of the sold products.  

  • Increased Efficiency  

There are several cases when you find a defect in the product while inventory counting or other processes. With lot traceability, it becomes easy to track every piece of information about the material even if it is involved in multiple production runs. It improves efficiency in all aspects, making all the processes smooth and effective.


lot traceability is a crucial aspect of the process manufacturing industry, and an ERP system can provide competent and robust traceability that can help improve visibility into the production process, enabling faster product searches and recalls.


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