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Mobile App Prowess - Empower BigCommerce Store for A Certain Growth

Posted by : Randip Dhiman on Sep 14,2018 05:33 PM

Web technologies have bridged the spaces for communication and business. Furthermore, eCommerce has transformed the digital world into a gigantic marketplace. Every year many successful retailers keep on emerging with eCommerce technologies to encourage growth for their businesses.

While there is a constant cycle of today’s trade powered by leading eCommerce platforms worldwide, there comes the need of standing out of the competition.

Undoubtedly, BigCommerce is a powerful platform that offers multiple ways to get a steady growth. It has a huge App store that provides you with the best of integrations for your eCommerce store. Many experts constantly aim to come out with the best BigCommerce app development to intensify other merchant’s business efforts.

Additionally, BigCommerce offers you great support, search engine optimization, a mobile-friendly approach, cost-effective platform that is quick to set up and many more.

In the past several years, mobile industry has become a prominent channel for eCommerce activities. eCommerce popularity has remained same, only the mode of purchasing has changed. Instead of PCs, consumers are allowed to buy from almost everywhere using their mobile devices.

“Smartphone users accounted for approximately 62% (in terms of online shopping) in the current year 2018”

This rise of mobile commerce among shoppers have spurred the need for retailers to invest in mobile app development.

Mobile Apps contribution to your success story

  • - loads content faster
  • - enhanced usability
  • - drives user-engagement
  • - ease of use
  • - possibility to use smartphone-based features
  • - push notifications
  • - enhance SEO ranking
and many more.

A successful eCommerce mobile app is not only another digital platform for your BigCommerce website development, it is another opportunity for growth and amazing shopping user experience.

However, the level of success and growth with mobile app totally depends on the way you build and present it to the audience.

Here are some thumb rules that should be considered while opting for mobile app development.

1.Easy Steps to Register

No consumer has enough time to fill the complete form to enter your Mobile App. So, you need to offer different options to get registered with it.

You can allow: Social Network Login, Gmail Login or any other way around that is less time-consuming.

2.Effective Branding

An effective custom branding on your eCommerce app is a must. Your mobile app should reflect the brand’s core values.

You should add your brand logo and particular color combinations in your app that relates to your business. In addition, you can opt to have product listing, custom checkout process etc. on it.

3.Seamless User-experience

On an average of approx. 40% of shoppers will abandon your mobile app due to poor user experience.

Some factors like easy navigation, responsiveness etc. are not only linked with the desktop view of your website.

You also need to optimize your website for the mobile interface as well. While offering a seamless user-experience, try to offer the following:

- faster loading pages

- responsive design

- no app crash

- a perfect fit for different mobile screens

4.Social Media Access

Having a social media integration on your different web platforms has become a must for every retailer. Whether it is about building a trust factor or marketing, social media presence has become an essential mode.

As mentioned earlier, social media integration helps you in an easy registration process. Along with, it helps your customers to share your products or offers to others.

5.Painless Checkout Process

When it comes to eCommerce, there should always be a painless and secure checkout process. Always allow your customers to provide a minimum amount of information while purchasing from your app.

A simple few taps purchase is highly appreciated among the shoppers.

With this, we have come to an end of the list of rules that are best proven in the industry. Apart from this, you can always seek help from BigCommerce expert developers to harness the power of mobile commerce in your BigCommerce website development.


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