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How Your Driving History Affects Your Personal Injury Claims

Posted by : Joseph Benson on Oct 27,2023 06:41 AM

Does a Poor Driving History Affect Your Vehicle Accident Compensation?

Your driving history is a significant repository of data which can influence the premium of your automobile insurance. Moreover, if you have been identified as responsible in several vehicular incidents, have a history of DUIs, or accumulated multiple citations for speeding and other infractions, an opposing driver's insurance provider might leverage this to diminish or outright reject your compensation requests following a vehicular collision.

Should you find yourself involved in a car accident where another driver is to blame and you're harboring concerns about the potential downsizing of your claim due to your driving record, it's strongly recommended that you promptly seek counsel from a seasoned personal injury attorney in Nevada. By doing so, you can access astute advice tailored to your circumstances, gain insights into whether it's advisable to share your driving record with the opposing driver's insurance provider, and have a formidable advocate on your side should any insurance adjuster attempt to assign fault to you based on your driving past.

Is It Necessary to Share My Driving Record with My Lawyer?

Your interactions with your attorney enjoy the privilege of confidentiality, a legal safeguard that binds them to maintain the confidentiality of most conversations and details shared, as dictated by attorney-client privilege. This legal provision serves to equip your attorney with a comprehensive comprehension of your identity, the circumstances at hand, and your claim, facilitating the construction of the most robust possible case on your behalf.

Maintaining an atmosphere of candor with your personal injury attorney holds paramount importance. It's essential to divulge all pertinent particulars pertaining to your case or the accident in a timely manner, enabling your attorney to proactively ready themselves to champion your cause. The proactive communication ensures their adept handling of situations to your benefit. Concealing an unfavorable driving history from your attorney serves no purpose; it's advisable to furnish them with the entirety of information required to effectively advocate on your behalf.

Will the Need to Reveal My Driving Record Arise During the Claim Process?

The necessity to divulge your driving record to an insurance company will be contingent upon the specific phase of your claim. During the phase wherein you are engaged in negotiations for a settlement with the responsible driver's insurance company, it is likely that you won't be obligated to disclose any information beyond that which pertains directly to the collision, as well as the resultant injuries and damages.

Nonetheless, if your endeavors to secure an insurance settlement prove unfruitful, prompting you to initiate legal proceedings to pursue compensation subsequent to the accident, a situation may arise where you are obliged to disclose your driving record and other pertinent details within the framework of the discovery process inherent to a lawsuit. Your legal representative for your car accident case will serve as your guiding force through this procedural pathway, offering you comprehensive insights into the forthcoming journey as you strive to attain due compensation.

Might the Status of My Driving Record Impact My Accident Claim?

Given the extensive duration of your driving experience, it is highly probable that you have encountered vehicular incidents or have incurred citations, such as speeding or parking violations, over the course of time. As you initiate a claim against the culpable party's insurance provider, the designated adjuster may seek to contend that your existing injuries stem from a previous accident, consequently absolving them of liability. While establishing a case might pose greater challenges when pre-existing injuries are intertwined, the feasibility remains. In particular, if your prior injuries were aggravated by a subsequent accident, your legal counsel, specializing in truck accident injuries in Las Vegas, will aggressively pursue extensive compensation on your behalf.

In alternative scenarios, the insurance adjuster might endeavor to posit that your past accidents and traffic infractions substantiate a pattern of negligent driving, hence implying partial culpability for the recent accident. They might opt to diminish their settlement offer or evade accountability by attributing fault to your driving record. In such scenarios, your legal representative will staunchly advocate on your behalf, ensuring the pursuit of complete compensation.

Should your driving record encompass more significant infractions such as a DUI or driving with a suspended license, establishing a case might entail increased complexities. However, the prerogative to seek compensation endures if you have sustained injuries in an accident attributable to another driver's negligence. For this case the assistance of a qualified Law Firm in Las Vegas would be appropriate. Especially one who is prepared to meticulously explore all legal options and prepare a strong case to get the compensation you need, regardless of your driving record.

Seek Expert Assistance Today for Post-Accident Guidance

If your driving record is being used against you to diminish the value of your Nevada car accident injury claim, you will need an experienced attorney on your side who can help you defend yourself and get you the compensation you need after an accident.


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