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How to Teach Kids Their Family Heritage

Posted by : on Jul 12,2019 02:10 PM
How to Teach Kids Their Family Heritage

Some researches state that children who have been taught about their family history are emotionally healthier and have a stronger sense of self. Family history helps children to shape their identity and understand who they are. 

People are more flexible nowadays and are more on the move than ever before. The more your ancestors migrated the more difficult it becomes to learn your family heritage. However, it’s vital to educate kids about their family heritage in addition to their country’s traditions so that they could shape their identity. Here are some family tree activities for your kids to teach them about their family history.

Let your children interview their great- and grandparents. Let them ask about family traditions and try to carry on at least some of them to preserve your family history. Research your family's cultural roots and discover what practices might fit with your family’s lifestyle. Or you can devote one day in a year to your culture: you can serve national meals and speak your native language that day.

Parents who migrated from other countries are probably teaching their children their native language. However, if several generations have passed since that, it will be less probable that children speak the language of their ancestors. If some of your relatives speak another language, you can take advantage of their linguistic skills to teach your kids. Provided that each nationality has its own cuisine, you can cook some national dishes to let your kids dive deeper into your family history and traditions.

One more way to educate your kids on your family history is to take them to various cultural events and read books to them. Such events are a perfect way for kids to learn about a particular culture as they hear national music, try the food, and see native costumes on display. Plus there are many educational books to teach children about other countries. You can encourage your kids to choose books that describe your country’s culture and history.

Educating your children about their family heritage can provide them with an important connection to their family, form their identity and even open up a new world into other cultures. Don’t let your family’s heritage slip away without teaching it to your children.