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Wood-damaging Insects tunnel through wood to live, breed, or feed inside it. They can seriously harm or even destroy it. As a result, they inflict a lot of damage that ultimately necessitates expensive repairs for many households. Destructive wood borer infestations have the ability to worsen and cause damage to wooden flooring, doors, cabinets, and even pricey furniture if left untreated. In this article, we will guide you with wood insect treatment to keep your household away from wood insects. 

Step 1

Consider using a pesticide. You can use the unrestricted disodium octa borate tetrahydrate insecticide because only trained professionals or pest control businesses have permission to use additional insecticides. Before anything else, you need to spray the pesticide onto the wooden furniture in your house. Apply two coats, being sure to wait until the first has dried before applying the second. As it targets those on the top surface of the wood, this approach can aid in the destruction of adult wood-boring insects. Before beginning, you can also remove any paint or surface covering. This enables the product to penetrate the wood deeply.

Step 2

Even a freezer can be employed. You can try to destroy the wood borers in this method if your freezer is large enough to fit tiny pieces of furniture inside. After 7–10 days, the insects may be destroyed by the high temperatures. Make sure the furniture is sufficiently enclosed in plastic before attempting to put it in the freezer. In order to avoid watermarks, keep the furniture wrapped after you remove it until it returns to room temperature.

Step 3

Consult a reputable pest control business for assistance. If your infestation is too severe to tackle on your own, get help. Make sure you are aware that a home's fumigation might occasionally be expensive as well. If there are a lot of wood borers, fumigation is thought to be especially helpful. Consulting a specialist can help you with the prospect of installing moderately-sized hardwood furnishings within already completed fumigation chambers, which can help you limit costs.

Step 4

Consider using heat to infest your wooden furniture. Heat can be used as a natural alternative to chemicals to repel those wood borers. Keep your wooden furniture at a temperature of 140 to 150 degrees F for at least two hours. For more details regarding wood insect treatment, you may contact a professional insect-killing agency. 

Step 5

Try to keep furniture, doors, and other wooden items dry as maximum wood insects get attracted to the moisture content in the wood. On wood surfaces, caulk gaps and crevices prevent wood borer reproduction. Unfortunately, the wood that becomes contaminated by wood borers, you must remove or change it. If you have any damaged wood that cannot be saved, you can burn it or dispose of it in a nearby landfill.

How to detect Wood Insects? 

The problem with the early detection of wood borers is that they are difficult to spot with the unaided eye. Thus, one should be knowledgeable on how to spot and eliminate wood borers in furniture or other wooden objects. The list of indicators that can help you identify wood borers is as follows:

1. Eggs
2. Fresh larvae
3. defunct borers
4. The wooden structures have holes.
5. dust or disintegrating wood
6. Hollow or flimsy flooring
7. the wooden buildings' tunnels

Don't forget to spray the area or rooms where woodworms or wood-boring beetles have been discovered. If these areas remain untreated eventually it will damage your house and households. Keep an eye on the following areas of your house:

1. In and around window and door frames
  • 2. Where baseboards and walls meet
  • 3. Where flooring and baseboards or walls meet
  • 4. Areas of rooms' corners
  • 5. Below appliances and furniture
  • 6. Where the room's pipes and services enter
  • 7. Keep your spraying to the room's nooks and crannies.

If a wood borer infestation is not addressed, it may become a significant problem that damages hardwood floors, doors, and furniture.
There is a tone of options available when selecting the ideal wood borer pest management method. Numerous businesses are there that provide the best defenses against these pests. To get the best wood insect treatment for your house, hire one of them. 


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