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How to create SharePoint workflows

Posted by : BizPortals Solutions on Oct 06,2022 01:44 PM

A workflow in SharePoint is a pre-programmed set of instructions that automates redundant business processes. Workflow in SharePoint is like a flow chart where the pre-set terms drive the response for an upcoming stage that acts as a stimulus. Redundant tasks compromise employees' time and efforts and are prone to mistakes. Simply put, automated workflows reduce manual business processes and offer consistency. It can be as simple as automatically notifying an authorized person for pending document approval or automating a complex sales order.

Creating a SharePoint workflow speeds up complex approval processes, streamlines redundant business activities, supports process improvements, and prevents decision-making errors. However, after understanding what a SharePoint workflow is, let us learn how to create them.  

How to Create a Workflows in Sharepoint

There are several ways to create workflows in SharePoint, some of which are described below.

-No Workflow:

SharePoint 'Alerts,' when used with specific metadata columns, can easily create simple approval and notification alerts. You can also use the Assigned To columns provided on the Task list to send an email alert to the authorized user.

-Simple Content Approval Workflow:

The Content Approval Feature can be utilized where one-way content approval remains the primary concern. It fits best in cases like single-ended approvals for documents or vacation requests. You can also add comments to specify the reasons for the approval or rejection of a document.

-In-built SharePoint Workflows:

SharePoint out-of-the-box workflow templates are a set of default workflows that can be configured and utilized without any additional effort. The ready-to-use workflow templates are used for:

-Simple approvals

-Collecting feedback

-Collecting signatures

-Creating disposition approval

-Creating a three-state workflow

SharePoint Designer:

Apart from simple workflows, there are certain documents or processes which require more than one approver, making them complex. However, complicated workflows with serial or parallel approvals can be easily created by SharePoint Designer, a free tool by Microsoft with extended flexibility.

Microsoft Flow:

Microsoft Flow is an easy-to-use cloud-based application to automate essential business processes. Based on a trigger and action approach, it is a much easier alternative than SharePoint Designer, which takes hours of coding and debugging.

Final words

SharePoint is a highly collaborative and interactive platform offering businesses a modern intranet solution. Learning how to create a SharePoint workflow to automate manual tasks will eventually lead to enhanced productivity. Add workflows and bring consistency and efficiency to your workplace environment.


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