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Will NFT Games Win Over Traditional Games

Posted by : on Sep 23,2022 12:38 PM
Will NFT Games Win Over Traditional Games

Gaming is something we all did growing up; it's something that we spent a great deal of our time. As kids, we would often sit in front of our pc and play games to ensure we never completed homework in time. 

Gaming has constantly been evolving from ordinary pc games to Nintendo, to the PlayStation, the Xbox, the Wii, and many others. It is quite apparent that gaming has come a long way, so much so that the animation looks lifelike. That's not all! If you thought gaming on a pc was normal, game developers took it one step ahead by introducing a whole new dimension where you exist in a virtual domain and can do and be whatever you want. 

All that aside, gaming has now taken a step into something that we initially had no idea could happen, the introduction of NFT-based games. Play to Earn games in which characters are bought and are, in reality, NFTs and can be traded. Then comes the question will these NFT Oriented games eventually take over, leaving the traditional games behind?

Factors to consider

From the traditional game's point of view:

  1. Gaming with higher quality gives a good experience to the user while simultaneously allowing them to make purchases. However, these purchases are not technically your own as the game's creators or the company owns them. This gives you the deceitful feeling of ownership while not being one.

  2. While allowing users to make purchases, they also levy other taxes that are not shown in the initial process and are only revealed in the middle of the transaction.

  3. While traditional games have superior graphics, they consume time without returns, and even if you consider the professional front, not everyone could make it that big in gaming.

From an NFT gaming point of view:

  1. NFT gaming platforms enable the user not only to enjoy a fun gaming experience but also allow them to own characters and items that can be bought and sold with cryptocurrency.

  2. NFT characters available in the game are sold on a well-known marketplace known as Jump. Trade and their Meta Cricket League application sold over 55,000 NFTs in 9 minutes. So well, that goes to show how big of an audience is there for it.

  3. While the NFT games, as of now, do not have the graphic quality of our traditional games, they will be able to get there given that it is a rapidly growing and developing market.

Breaking it down 

NFT games are different from traditional games in more than one way despite all the differences mentioned below and the fact that they have a few more added benefits, but there’s more.

A famous NFT marketplace, Jump. Trade launched their first-ever game, which revolved around NFTS. The reason this is being addressed is the immediate sale of these NFTs. Even if one were to factor in the popularity of the marketplace, it is not an easy feat for someone to invest in these NFTs. This shows that the traditional games are slowly receding while still being well and dominant. This can be for several reasons, but the most important is the lack of returns they get from spending money on different characters, items, skins, etc. 

This simple NFT game, while not having half the Graphic quality, still draws in the populace because of its USP, which is the possibility of having exclusivity over a particular character and no one but you has the same one. Unlike traditional games, these characters are all owned by the person who buys the NFT.

In conclusion

To conclude, it would be better to set the facts straight. In honesty, gaming, while enjoyable, is extremely time-consuming. While there is some fun in being the immortal prince of a floating island in some ancient mystical world, it is not beneficial in any real-world way.

NFT gaming allows you to access only characters completely different from one another, and these characters can only be bought and sold with cryptocurrency. Despite that, there are the factors that these games are financial and investible assets that at some point might give you a substantial turnover once you are no longer playing this game. This has been implemented in various competitions as loot boxes, too, so you end up with at least a reasonable NFT.

With that being said, despite all the pros and cons of gaming and whether NFT gaming would take over, the answer is yes, at some point, it will but will it completely erase the existence of traditional gaming? Highly unlikely. This is because these games make up most of our childhood and adulthood, so it is extremely unlikely they would suddenly vanish.


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