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What are better colorful braces or Invisalign braces

Posted by : Ivanov Orthodontic Experts on Feb 06,2021 02:04 PM

Crooked, misaligned teeth can be a real problem in your life. No matter how old or how young you are. The biggest consideration of a person is self-confidence because misaligned and unusually placed teeth lead to the poor dental condition. This is why dentists keep such a close eye on the development of better teeth alignment through traditional braces or in advanced technology, Invisalign braces. But what are the considerations when we choose traditional braces or Invisalign brace? So from the advantages and disadvantages of colorful braces and Invisalign braces, you can choose what is best suitable for you:

Traditional colorful braces


These are the metal or steel brackets and wires that most people wear. In this, you can choose a single color that you can wear as brackets from the braces color wheel. It is like a palette, in which you can select any color that you prefer. Cute braces colors like pink, light blue braces, and light shade of any color.

Advantage of Traditional Braces

  • Less expensive
  • Colorful brackets give kids a chance to express themselves and they feel happy. Choose the best braces colors for children according to their favorite color or preferences.
  • Do not need to be removed when you eat or drink
  • This is an old, tough, and rough kind of technique
  • It is best suitable in the critical cases of malocclusion
  • This is a fixed appliance, so there is a chance of broken missing or extra charges of anything


  • Less comfortable because of wires and ulcers.
  • Most noticeable type of braces
  • Treatment time is almost longer than 1-3 years
  • You can’t eat everything, as you need to avoid hard and sticky food
  • Difficult to maintain hygiene

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign clear braces are very much preferred by this generation especially those adults who have an active social and professional life. With the usage of the best invisible braces, you are able to live a happy and confident life. It is recognized as one of the most revolutionary innovations in the world of dentistry.

Invisalign benefits

  • More comfortable
  • Shorter Invisalign treatment time
  • Less noticeable
  • No restriction on eating any food.
  • As it can be taken out, oral hygiene can be maintained easily.
  • Results can be noticed in just a few months
  • No emergencies needed as there is no chance of bracket damage like in traditional metal braces

Invisalign Disadvantages

  • Must need to wear for 20-22 hours a day to be effective
  • You only drink water and avoid eating anything
  • Typically more expensive than braces
  • Correction course cannot be altered mid-treatment
  • Not as good at correcting subtle issues

Invisalign is the emerging technique of treatment and is suggested by many orthodontics near me for the straightening of the teeth. Although the patient needs to spend more, it is worth every penny spent if you get the fast and best treatment. We can’t say Invisalign is best and braces are not. It depends on the situation of your mouth. These two techniques have their pros and cons but you can consider some factors like Invisalign braces cost over traditional braces and get the best solution for your teeth alignment.


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