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What Are The Safest Ways to Mail Important Documents

Posted by : on Nov 05,2021 10:53 AM

It is important to mail important documents when you need fast delivery. If time is not on your side, it can be tough to find the right way to ship something securely. Depending on what type of envelope or box you use, the item could get damaged in transit if proper precautions are not taken before shipping. Here are some tips for mailing important documents safely:

1. Use a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope: The cheapest and most safest way to mail important documents is to use the Priority Mail flat rate envelope. You can fit up to five pounds of material inside an envelope that has free automatic postage due (meaning you don't need any extra postage) already printed on it. The envelope also comes with tracking and insurance, making it the best choice for sending important documents.

The Priority Mail flat rate envelopes are available at the Post Office. If you do not have time to visit a local post office, just go online and print out your own envelope by filling in the appropriate shipping information on USPS' website.

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2. Secure the Documents: It is important to secure the documents inside your envelope so no outside damage can be done to them. If you are folding your paper goods, it is best to fold them in the opposite direction of how they were originally folded by the manufacturer. This will prevent any potential tears or scratches that could happen when items are stacked on top of one another during the shipping process.

Also, if you have any items that can be damaged by water or humidity, do not forget to put them in a plastic bag before sending them through the mail system. Water or humidity damage could happen quickly and your documents could get ruined if they are not securely wrapped up before being put in the envelope.

3. Use a Box: Sometimes when shipping important documents, you will need to use a box instead of an envelope depending on how many items need to be sent and how fragile they are. When using a box for shipping purposes, make sure there is plenty of padding inside and outside of your box before sealing it up and sending it on its way.

It is also a good idea to ship your box using the Priority Mail flat rate boxes, which are available at most post offices. The priority mail loft rate boxes can hold up to 70 pounds of material and come with free automated postage due printed right on the box making it an easy choice for mailing important documents or anything else.

4. Be Careful When Using a Shipper: While you can choose to use a company like FedEx or UPS for shipping your important documents, an envelope is typically the best choice when sending sensitive material through the mail system. If you do decide to send items via shipper, just make sure they have been properly packaged before shipping.

FedEx and UPS might be a more secure option, but items could get damaged or lost if they are not packaged correctly before being sent out for delivery. Make sure all documents are secure in the envelope or box that you send them in. Using bubble wrap or wadded up newspaper can help protect your items during transit so they arrive in the condition you sent them.

5. Make Sure Shipping Address is Clearly Identified: It is important to make sure that your shipping address clearly shows up on the envelope or box. If you are using a Priority Mail flat rate envelope, it will be easy to find the address since there is an orange label with mailing information printed directly onto it.

If you are using a box, it is best to either write your information directly onto the top of the box or use a clear label and make sure all pertinent shipping details are included. When in doubt, always be as specific as possible when shipping important documents. If there is any confusion about where your package finally ends up, the company that is responsible for delivering it will typically take their time getting it to you.

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The United States Postal Service has several different options when it comes to sending important documents through the mail system. The three most popular shipping options are Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail and First Class Parcel. Each of these services has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Depending on how much time is needed for delivery, the price of the package and the fragility of its contents, one shipping service will be better than another.

Before making a decision about which shipping service to use when sending your important documents through the mail system it would be best to consult with USPS directly. They can provide you with plenty of information on their different options and help you decide which shipping service will work the best for your specific needs.


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