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Myths And Facts

Posted by : on Nov 26,2019 05:43 PM

                         Hair Transplant Myths & Facts 

Hair transplant is the best ever solution for getting rid of hair loss and baldness, having hair transplant anyone can enhance their looks and personality. Losing hair is the worst experience which individual face and apply number of temporary solutions to get out of it, but mostly this temporary solutions results in several side effects or hair loss with higher density so it is important to select a treatment which really helps you to recover the hair loss and hair transplant is one such option, Nutrite Hair Transplant Clinic provides one of the best Hair Transplant in Mumbai within affordable Cost of Hair Transplant in Mumbai. But people have several myths and facts related to hair transplants which are false from every point, read this article to know about myths related to a hair transplant. 

Only men can have a hair transplant 

This is the most common myth which people believe, yet male pattern baldness is majorly increasing and man opts hair transplant to hide their baldness, but it is not necessary that only men can opt for hair transplant, men and women both have a different type of balding conditions and both can have a hair transplant. 

Hair transplant provides immediate results 

It is the biggest myth by which fake clinics attract patients to grab their money, it is important to choose a good and reputed clinic in which a good surgeon will perform your hair transplant, according to Nutrite Hair Transplant Clinic one of the best clinics for performing hair transplant in Mumbai, generally the transplanted hair falls off within two to three weeks of the hair transplant, it is termed as shock loss, but the hair will grow again within six months of the hair transplant and a completed and desired hair growth within 12 months of the hair transplant. 

Hair transplant is not a solution for old and aged people

It is also a common myth among people that old age people can not choose a hair transplant, there is no scientific statement which states this, and according to expert surgeons, hair transplant only need a healthy donor area and it does not affect what your age is, candidates of any age can opt for hair transplant easily. 

Body hair transplant provides the same result as scalp hair transplant 

In body hair transplant surgeon removes the hair from a part of the body and transplant them to the scalp, but the results of body hair transplant are not the same as scalp hair transplant because body hair has a different texture as well as growth rate, with this kind of transplantation you definitely get hair growth but it will always differ from the normal hair transplant. 

So if you are facing hair loss or baldness, you can take hair transplant into consideration, it is the best solution when a good surgeon performs it, get a consultation at Nutrite Hair Transplant clinic, it is one of the best clinics which provides successful hair transplant in Mumbai within affordable cost of hair transplant in Mumbai, so book your appointment now.