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Important Considerations When Hiring Hotel Security

Posted by : on Apr 29,2021 12:23 AM

In today’s unpredictable and often violent society, hotel security is essential to ensure the safety of guests and employees alike while at the hotel.  Despite the perceived safety of hotels and the fact that for most cases they are a secure location, they are not immune to the occasional crime.  Therefore, it is imperative that you take time to consider the important facets of hiring quality hotel security.

Training and Experience

Be sure the security personnel you are hiring have been thoroughly trained in the specifics of hotel security.  It is also beneficial to hire people who have prior experience in the hotel security industry.  Furthermore, it is important that security personnel are astute to the unique issues, clients, and procedures at your hotel.  Skilled and properly trained security staff will be able to expertly protect your establishment, employees, and patrons.

Additional Training

It is necessary for hotel security to wear many hats.  Due to the nature of the job, hotel security is generally the first line of defense during any type of emergency that occurs at the hotel.  Hence, it is particularly beneficial for all security personnel to be trained in CPR and the basics of first aide. 

Conduct Background Checks

It is critical that you know exactly who you are hiring.  In order to ensure quality security, you want to hire security personnel with clean records themselves.  Be sure to conduct a thorough FBI background check and finger printing before hiring a potential guard.  Additionally, it is advisable to thoroughly check out possible candidates by contacting former employers.  Be sure to take the time to contact each of their references.  Be sure to ask specific questions to ensure the candidate is telling the truth about their experience.  During this process, if you come across any red flags it may be best to continue your search, as a problematic past is often a stellar indicator of a problematic future.

Virtuous Employees

Remember that your security staff is a reflection upon your business.  Since these members work directly with guests, it is important that they can be fully trusted.  A quality security presence will ensure repeat customers, great customer satisfaction, and less incidents of customer complaints or even lawsuits.  A worthwhile security person will always represent your business well, exuberating professionalism in their conduct and good judgement when handling a variety of trying situations.  When conducting background checks, be sure to evaluate if they have been known for their honesty and integrity in the past.  Furthermore, go with your gut during the interview process and only hire people who give you the impression that they will be trustworthy.

Understand the Job

Experienced security personnel will have an awareness that providing excellent security involves preventative actions.  These guards will be aware of body language and suspicious activity before it turns into a major problem.  While not every incident can be avoided, a competent security presence can eliminate and minimize threats before they occur, protecting your employees and patrons better.

Consider A Security Company

Hiring a security company can save you a lot of time, as they do the leg work when providing you with quality guards.  They ensure proper training for all employees, thoroughly background check each guard, and develop a specific plan for your business saving you time and aggravation.

Keep your hotel at the top of its game, utilize quality security to ensure everyday goes smoothly and safely.

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