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How to Know if You Are Going Bald And Ways to Overcome Baldness

Posted by : Look Thick on May 10,2019 05:43 PM
How to Know if You Are Going Bald And Ways to Overcome Baldness

Baldness is annoying, embarrassing and of course stressful too. We can't let it take over us. The causes of baldness can be anything, maybe your work- or probably financial stress, or personal lives, or some severe tensions or major diseases too. It can even be due to hormonal, genetic or hereditary issues. The list just goes on, you can identify the exact cause. However, the science and research have helped us, humans, to know the signals and warning signs when the baldness is taking over you-

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How to Know if you are going Bald and Ways to Overcome Baldness

Okay, so here we have listed a few essential signs for you to keep an eye over, and to soon get treatment for it- Check them out-

1. Hairline Changes

We do everything to keep our hair robust and sturdy. However, this could be the first possible sign of baldness, and this can occur in both women and men. In case, if you want to know more hairline alterations then check your photographs, especially your selfies- which will speak up to you about the arrival of baldness. It often begins with thinning, or probably with V-Shaped ones. You can also compare your past photographs, wherein you can figure out hair loss.

2. Thinning of Hair

Let me remind you, the hairline is not applicable to all the heads out there! Some of you might have even experienced diffuse effect- wherein the hair loss occurs in the middle of your scalp. It is generally known as back or top baldness. It is one such male pattern baldness too. You can, however, notice with the help of pictures, keeping a track with it.

3. Hair Loss after bath and brush

Oh, wait! Not toothbrush! You may face hair loss when you are combing your hair or while bathing. However, it's nothing severe to lose hair when you bath. But ensure that you are not losing too much of hair strands, 5-6 strands are pretty normal though. Sometimes, excess humidity or heat in your body can also cause hair fall. Hence, when its summer- ensure to follow a cool diet.

Ways to overcome baldness

Use these ways to overcome baldness, of course, it can be challenging- but if you don't want to lose your hair then you ought to follow it-

  • Try managing your stress, by setting boundaries to everything. Give a pause to your work. Have some "me" time or if you feel happy and excited around your loved ones, just go for it!
  • Healthy food menus can also help to have healthy hair. Just like I mentioned above, eat as per the weather too, it can help!
  • You can go for treatments and medications. Under doctor supervision, you can opt for hair re-growth products or hair transplant too.


Well, you can go for organic solutions and medications to have healthy hair. However, age too can cause baldness- you can't avoid it! But if you are young or middle-aged- then try these ways out, you will not face any baldness!

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