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Free Yourself from Pain

Posted by : alice lee on Dec 28,2015 11:56 AM

At some point in life, we are bound to find ourselves in some form of pain. It gets even more frustrating when all the remedies you’ve tried don’t seem to work while the pain rises to excruciating and unbearable levels. We all deserve to be happy and nobody should put up with pain. Pain usually comes as a result of the expressed agitation or disturbance of nerve endings. This can be as a result of hitting yourself against a hard surface or cuts and pricking. However, some pains are a result of underlying internal bodily harm caused by infections. The most common reaction is to turn to drugs.

Most painkillers however have two main disadvantages: harmful side effects and their tendency to mess up with the body’s natural response to inflammation; meaning that sometimes you might take a pain-control medication only to end up with an inflammation. Curamin has made a name for itself because of its unusual ability to offer fast and permanent pain relief without leaving harmful side effects. It is entirely based on natural formulation and its healing capabilities go beyond treating the expressed symptom to the root cause of pain.

Created by Terry Naturally, Curamincontains Boswellia serrata and Nattokinase as the key ingredients and they work with its BCM-95 formulation for a synergistic treatment that involves faster absorption of the key components of the drug. The Baswellia serrata is the component with anti-inflammatory abilities while Nattokinase breaks down any blood clots within swollen areas to ease pain.

Its unique healing properties besides pain relief are:

· Antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial capabilities; enabling it to treat pain caused by viral , fungal and bacterial infections

· Anti-inflammatory for healing swollen areas

· Antioxidant properties

As a result of its milestones in the treatment of pain and related disorders, Curaminhas won several awards including the 2011 Vitty Award as The Best Herbal Supplement, Healthy Living People’s Choice Award as the Best Pain-Relieving Product. It has also won Better Nutrition Magazine’s Pain Category Award for 5 concecutive years.

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