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Enrex Serrapeptase A Miracle Enzyme

Posted by : alice lee on Dec 28,2015 02:02 PM

EnrexSerrapeptase is an anti-inflammatory enzyme found naturally in the human body in trace amounts. It is a proteolytic enzyme which is kept in isolation from Serratia E15, non-pathogenic bacteria. It has a number of health benefits, but when is consumed as tablets it is destroyed due to the acidic action in stomach.

Benefits of Enrex Serrapeptase:

Studies have shown that Enrex Serrapeptase has an anti-inflammatory action, retains liquids in our bodies and has acts similar to a pain killer. Thus, this enzyme has a miraculous effect on patients in extreme pain as well as dehydrated patients, acting as a life saver.

Enrex Serrapeptase is directly synthesized in urine naturally as it is found in negligible amount in our excreta urine, thus if taken in normal tablets it will be destroyed in the stomach due to acidic action and that tablet would be futile.

These tablets created by us have specially designed caps commonly known as NPcaps or caplets which act as a shield against stomach acids and thus enzyme goes unprocessed from the stomach thereby synthesized and broken down in stomach through a natural action, having a significant effect free from adverse effects.

Doctors throughout the Euro-Asian continent have acknowledged the painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects of Enrex Serrapeptase. Once any tissue is ruptured, it releases the pain and Serrapeptase blocks the release of pain inducing amines from ruptured tissues.Thus, taking this enzyme externally increases the immunity of body against injuries and is a lifesaving enzyme. NPcaps are successful in transferring and absorption of enzyme in stomach directly.

NPcaps are the future of direct absorption of enzymes through the body and it saves you from heavy costs of future treatment and surgeries by increasing immunity of body against pain and dehydration.


Taking one NP cap on an empty stomach once a day for an average adult is sufficient for daily requirement fulfilment of the enzyme.

Where to Buy:

The difference between original and fraud pills to identify just by looking is quite difficult and to stay away from scams and pirated products, Enrex Serrapeptase must be bought from a verified online store. Vitasave.ca is one of the most trusted online supplement store Canada where from you can buy this amazing natural supplement for attractive deals and enjoy benefits like free shipping throughout Canada and the united states. You can also avail greater discounts upto 60% on the products when you buy it from the site.

One Caplet is 60mg, which is one day dosage for an average adult. This is truly a revolutionary product which eventually works without the worry of any adverse effects. You can visit vitasave.ca now and go through the product and various other natural as well as herbal supplements and their usage instructions.

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